I have spent so much of my life waiting to be happy.  I’ll be happy, when….it’s the weekend, my kids are more self sufficient, my finances are in order, you name it.  It was a lie from the enemy that I bought into and it stole my peace and joy.  I rarely felt joy.  I typically felt stressed and impatient waiting for things to change so I can finally be happy.  Guess what?!  We don’t have to wait to be happy!  We’re told in the bible not to worry about tomorrow.  Jesus died to redeem us to himself and to give us life in abundance.  We are told to live day by day as today has enough worries of its own.  Stop waiting to be happy and start living in the moment.  We are not promised tomorrow, so that’s even more of a reason to stop and enjoy today.  We need to change our perspective and see each day as a gift and a blessing to do God’s work on earth.  Quit focusing on what needs to change and go to God with it.  Then, leave it with Him and enjoy your day…starting today!

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