When we bury emotions, past failures, sins, or whatever else that we want to forget about, we delay healing.  We have to face these things that upset us and work with the holy spirit toward healing.  Not what you wanted to hear, right?  Who wants to think about unpleasant past experiences and revisit the pain, shame, embarrassment, you fill in the blanks?   The answer is nobody, but it’s necessary in order to bring healing.  I’ve spent years burying memories, but guess what…they appeared as anxiety in my body.  I asked the holy spirit some time ago to reveal to me what was wrong and help me to get better.  I’ve heard it said that the holy spirit is a gentlemen with how he handles us.  My own experiences have proven that to be true.  Slowly, over the past two years, he has shown me different pains I’ve buried and helped me to overcome them.  One by one.  It’s as if he knew I couldn’t handle more than one at a time.  I’ve spent days praying and crying over things past and allowed myself to feel the overwhelming emotion that goes with burying memories for long periods of time.  But, after I’ve faced it, prayed about it, and surrendered it to the Lord, I move on a little lighter on my feet.  Buried emotions always come back into play later.  It’s better to deal with them and get it behind you.  When we refuse to let go of past pains, we only suffer more until they are faced, prayed about and surrendered.  Why am I talking about this?  Because those of us with depression and/or anxiety need to be aware that the devil wants to condemn us and make us feel guilty, but Jesus died for us to be free from condemnation and guilt.  If we feel shame or hurt and repress our feelings, we’re only delaying dealing with them.  They will manifest somehow, some way in our lives, whether it be bad dreams or constant anxious thoughts, or feelings of worthlessness.  Let’s ask the holy spirit to reveal any buried memories that could be causing us current pain–whether realized or not–and help us to heal.

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