Would you say you have vision for your life and you know your purpose?  Or would you instead say you have no idea where you’re headed in life and you continue to pray for God to reveal your purpose?  When we live life with no purpose and vision, we tend to become depressed and anxious–that’s not to say it’s the only cause of those illnesses.  But, it makes sense.  God created each one of us to fulfill a purpose on earth that leads into eternity somehow.  He placed gifts and talents in each of us and gave us each vision for our lives.  If we’re doing our own things and living outside of our purpose, of course were going to become depressed.  But how do we know what our purpose and vision are?  Only by close fellowship and prayer.  He will start revealing to us dreams and passions of ours that for some of us, we long forgot about.  We can then start moving forward toward a future of adventure with our walk with the Lord; and, joy from living out our purpose.

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